Trusting God Through the Pain of Parenting – With Misty Phillip – RTC 39
Laurie Christine
Laurie Christine
January 28, 2022

No one is immune to pain. And being a mom brings a unique set of struggles and pain into our lives. But what do we do with this pain? How do we handle difficult circumstances? Can God redeem the pain in our hearts? We have a guest on the show today who is going to talk to us about trusting God through the pain of parenting. 


Misty Phillip is a homeschool mom of 3 boys, including one with special needs. She is the host of the By His Grace podcast, where she inspires women to overcome the struggles of life and talks about how God’s amazing grace, hope, and love change everything. 

Misty is also the founder of Spark Media which consists of the Spark Christian Podcast Conference, Spark Now Summit, and the Spark Collective. Misty is the author of the best-selling Bible Study, The Struggle is Real: But So is God.

Today we are diving into the topic of trusting God through the pain of parenting. Misty shares about some of the losses she has experienced and she encourages moms to stay close to Jesus through the pain of parenting.

Here are some of the topics that Misty and I discussed: 

  • Family – Misty is a homeschool mom of 3 boys, now ages 27, 22 and 19. Her 22 year old has special needs. Misty experienced several losses, including miscarriages, a tubal pregnancy and a stillborn child with Trisomy 18.
  • Challenges of homeschooling.
  • Challenges of raising a child with special needs.
  • How God used a difficult situation to develop empathy in her boys.
  • Allow God to heal your heart.
  • How her other boys were affected by the loss of Misty’s stillborn son.
  • How Misty was able to process her own grief.
  • How God was working through painful circumstances.
  • The importance of journaling.
  • Should we protect our children from difficulties? 
  • Trusting God and Entrusting our children into His hands.
  • What Misty would do differently as a mom.
  • Don’t fall into the comparison trap.

Hey mommas, I just wanted to jump back in and add a comment that I feel is important. I know Misty and I talked about journaling and looking back in order to see how God was working in a difficult situation.  I just want to make it clear that there are many times that we don’t see or know how God is working through our pain. There might be circumstances in our lives that are just really awful and we may never know why God allowed it to happen.

We live in a broken world and we are broken people. But even in our brokenness, we can trust that God is love, he is good, and he is always in control. Even when we don’t understand. We can also trust that God is with us in our pain. Many times throughout the Bible, God declared, “I will be with you.” We know in this world we will have trouble, but God has promised to be with us in the pain of parenting. 

Misty’s podcast:  By His Grace

Misty’s book: The Struggle is Real but so is God.

Misty’s website:

Spark Media

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