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Hey there, Boy Mom!

Does your life feel a bit chaotic right now?  Do you feel overwhelmed by the weight of responsibility to raise those little boys God has given you?  

Boy, oh Boy, oh Boy, oh Boy… 


See what I did there? 🙂

My household is full of four, loud, rambunctious, wild, adventurous boys that often take every last ounce of patience out of me.  

I know that I can’t do this alone.  I desperately need God to give me strength every step of this journey.  

But guess what… I also need YOU.  We boy moms gotta stick together, right?  

I’d love for you to join me on this wild, wonderful adventure of raising courageous boys and winning their hearts for Christ.

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Laurie Christine Author

Meet Laurie Christine

Laurie Christine is an author, podcast host, certified Biblical Parenting Coach,  wife, and mom of four wild, loud, adventurous boys.

Her podcast, Redeeming the Chaos, invites moms of boys to join her in the wild, wonderful adventure of raising courageous boys and connecting them with Christ.  

In addition to hosting a podcast, Laurie writes devotional Bible stories for families. As a mom of four young boys, she understands how important it is for parents to connect with their children, while communicating the truth of God’s Word to them in a way they can understand.

 With degrees in Creative Writing, Biblical Studies and Education, Laurie has more than twelve years of experience in teaching the Bible to young children as well as writing Sunday School curriculum for her local church. 

Laurie also serves as the administrator for the Christian Writers Institute and the producer for the Christian Publishing Show Podcast and Novel Marketing Podcast.


Laurie Christine Author
Laurie Christine Author
Laurie Christine Author

Laurie Christine makes her home in the beautiful farm country of Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Along with her husband and four boys, she loves to go bike riding, hiking and creek-stomping.  She is sad when winter ends without a huge snowstorm, and she loves snuggling by the fire with a hot cup of coffee and a pile of books to read with the kids.

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