The Power of Words: How to Speak Life to Your Children
Laurie Christine
Laurie Christine
November 9, 2023

How can we use our words to speak life to our boys?

Well Said: Speak Life, Sarah Molitor

Words are Powerful

Words are powerful. Our words can be used to speak life and truth into the lives of our kids, or they can be used to hurt and damage them. Our words can destroy relationships or they can be used to restore relationships. 

And it’s not just WHAT we say, but HOW we say it.

As moms, we know this!  But why do we so often fall into the trap of letting our words get the better of us?  How can we use the gift of words to speak life into our children? 

Find out in this episode of Redeeming the Chaos.

We have a guest on the show today who is going to talk with us about how we can use our words to bless our children.

Sarah Molitor is an author, a wife,  and a mom to seven kids (six of them boys!!). She has a passion for serving others and enjoys engaging with her social media community, the popular Modern Farmhouse Family on Instagram. Her new book, Well Said, is available wherever books are sold.

How to Speak Life to Your Boys

In my interview with Sarah we discuss:

  • Some of the challenges of raising boys.
  • Why we respond with words of anger or harshness to our kids.
  • How we as moms can lean into the power of the Holy Spirit in helping us to manage our own emotions.
  • The importance of not manipulating our kids with our own emotions.
  • How we can be intentional about using words to speak life to our boys.

Well Said

Check out Sarah’s new book, Well Said: Choosing Words that Speak Life, Give Grace, and Strengthen Your Faith and Family. (Amazon affiliate link)

Well said: choosing words that speak life, give grace, and strengthen your faith and family

Listen to my interview with Sarah Molitor here:


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