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Laurie Christine
Laurie Christine
November 1, 2023


rise of the enemy


Today is BOOK LAUNCH DAY!  My new devotional book for boys has been launched out into the world, and it is now officially available on Amazon!  I’m super excited!  The book was funded successfully on Kickstarter back in May of this year, but now it is finally available to the public! 


The book is called Rise of the Enemy, Book One in the Dragon Slayer Bible Series. It’s a devotional book for boys, ages 8-12. 

If you have a boy in your life, or if you know someone who does, would you consider buying a copy of Rise of the Enemy for them? Don’t forget – Christmas is right around the corner!  🙂 


There’s a battle raging in our world for the hearts and minds of our boys. The enemy is working harder than ever to deceive our sons and distract them from the truth of the Gospel. We need to equip our boys for battle. 

Every boy wants to know if he’s got what it takes to be a man. He longs to be part of something bigger, something worth fighting for. He wants to prove he is a courageous warrior.

Rise of the Enemy, a Dragon Slayer Bible Story, will inspire your boys to join the armies of the Dragon Slayer in the epic battle against the evil dragon. Through action-packed stories, inspiring scripture, and challenging devotional readings, your boys will learn to fight against our invisible enemy, and to use weapons of warfare to defeat him.

And ultimately, they will learn to trust in THE DRAGON SLAYER.

Learn more at



The first part of the story is a narrative retelling of a Bible story that reads like a novel. In this section, Michael the archangel recounts his experience when Satan was kicked out of heaven.

Michael never expected his comrade, Lucifer, to rebel against the King of Heaven, let alone turn into a dragon. But Lucifer will stop at nothing in an attempt to overpower the throne. Can Michael and his army of angels defeat the enemy or will Lucifer’s evil plan succeed?


The second part of the book includes devotional readings where Michael the archangel speaks directly to the reader and challenges your boys to take up their sword and join the army of the Dragon Slayer. 


The last section of the book includes daily devotions where boys are challenged to dive a little deeper into the scripture passages. 

Your boys will learn 

  • How to recognize the attacks of the evil one. 
  • How to Defend against the lies of the enemy. 
  • How to put on the full armor of God. 
  • How to trust more fully in the God of angel armies.


I had several authors and ministry leaders graciously offer to endorse my book for me, and I’d like to recognize each of them and their ministries.


Rise of the Enemy, Mark Hancock

Mark Hancock is the CEO of Trail Life USA, a Christ-Centered, Boy-Focused, Church-Based mentoring and discipleship journey that speaks to the heart of a boy. It’s focused on the Bible, and takes place in the context of outdoor adventure. Learn more at

Listen to interview with Mark Hancock:

Episode 45: Let Boys Be Boys

DAVID THOMAS—Host of the Raising Boys and Girls Podcast

Rise of the Enemy, David Thomas

David Thomas is the director of family counseling at Daystar Counseling in Nashville, TN and the coauthor of eleven books, including the bestselling Wild Things: The Art of Nurturing Boys and his newest book, Raising Emotionally Strong Boys. He’s the cohost of the popular Raising Boys and Girls podcast.

Listen to my interviews with David Thomas:

Episode 37: What Do Boys Need from their Mom?

Episode 38: How Can Moms Connect with Their Boys?

Episode 56: Raising Emotionally Strong Boys

DR. SCOTT TURANSKY—Co Founder of the National Center for Biblical Parenting, Author of Parenting is Heart Work

Rise of the Enemy, Scott Turansky

Dr. Turansky is the cofounder for the National Center for Biblical Parenting. He is a highly sought after speaker and parenting coach. He is a parenting expert and has written dozens of parenting books on the topic of heart-based parenting.

I have been trained as a biblical parenting coach as well as a seminar presenter through Dr. Turansky’s organization, the National Center for Biblical Parenting.

Listen to my interview with Scott Turansky:

Episode 60: When your son won’t take no for an answer

ALLEN ARNOLDProducer of Content for Wild at Heart Ministries

Rise of the Enemy, Allen Arnold

Allen Arnold is the producer of content for Wild at Heart ministries, founded by New York Times bestselling author John Eldredge. Allen’s passion is awakening people’s hearts to actively pursue their dreams and creativity with God. He’s the author of three acclaimed books –The Story of With, Chaos Can’t, and Waves of Creativity.

Listen to my interview with Allen Arnold:

Episode 55 – When You’re Feeling Overwhelmed by Chaos

LYNNE JACKSONCofounder of Connected Families

Rise of the Enemy, Lynne Jackson

Lynne Jackson has over 25 years experience as a pediatric occupational therapist working with children with sensory processing disorder, ADHD, OCD, ODD, and autism spectrum disorders. she and her husband, Jim founded Connected Families, a ministry that helps parents learn to embody God’s grace in the midst of family life.

Listen to my interview with Lynne Jackson:

Episode 64: Parenting Sensitive & intense boys

TIM SHOEMAKER – Author of the Very Best Hands On Kinda Dangerous Family Devotions

Rise of the Enemy, Tim Shoemaker

Tim Shoemaker has written over twenty books and is a popular speaker at conferences and workshops around the country.  He has several fiction series for pre-teen and teenage boys from a biblical worldview. Check out the High Water Series and Code of Silence series. 

I have an upcoming interview with Tim Shoemaker about why dads sometimes struggle with spiritual leadership in the family.

KATHY NOEL – Director of Child Discipleship at Calvary Church

Rise of the Enemy, Kathy Noel

Kathy Noel is the Director of Child Discipleship at my home church in Lancaster, PA. I have gotten to know Kathy over the past 16 years of serving together in children’s ministry. Kathy has a passion for seeing children know and understand the Bible and the great God we serve. 


I promised I would tell you about some of the fun prizes I will be giving away during the month of November. 

rise of the enemy

First of all, EVERYONE who purchases a copy of Rise of the Enemy on Amazon can get a free printable copy of the Dragon Slayer Bible Coloring book. This coloring book was available to my Kickstarter backers, and now the only place you can get a copy is if you purchase Rise of the enemy.  Just take a screenshot of your receipt and email me at Laurie @ Laurie (no spaces) with the subject line: “Book Launch Prizes.”

rise of the enemy

Secondly, anyone who purchases a copy of the book will be entered to win a really cool, handmade, wooden sword. The sword is made of beechwood, it’s 35 inches long, and it has a leather-wrapped handle. Your boys will love it. It would make a great Christmas gift! All you have to do to enter the drawing is send me a screenshot of your receipt from Amazon and email me at Laurie @ Laurie (no spaces) with the subject line: “Book Launch Prizes.”

If you purchase several copies of the book, you will be entered to win multiple times!

rise of the enemy

Both of the prizes, the coloring book and the sword giveaway, are only available until the end of November. So be sure to head over to Amazon and grab your copy of Rise of the Enemy!


Rise of the Enemy is currently available in ebook and paperback. I would recommend getting the paperback so your boys can write in the journal entries. 

The audiobook will be coming soon!  It is currently uploaded to Audible, and awaiting approval. (If you’re listening in the future, it may already be available). James L. Rubart did an excellent job narrating the audiobook. If you purchase the audiobook, be sure to download the Audiobook Companion, with printable journal pages!

I also have Small Group Discussion Guides available. The discussion guide includes additional questions that would be ideal for family devotions, a Sunday school class, or a Christian school or homeschool group.


If you are passionate about this project, I would love for you to help spread the word.  Here are a few ways you can help: 

PRAY that Rise of the Enemy will get into the hands of many young boys, and that God will raise up courageous warriors for his Kingdom!

PURCHASE a copy of Rise of the Enemy. Consider which boys in your life you could give a copy to!  (Christmas is right around the corner!)

SHARE a link to the Amazon page with your friends or on your social media pages. You can download promotional graphics at

REVIEW the book on Amazon !  Reviews are super helpful for authors and to new readers!  

DONATE a copy of Rise of the Enemy to your local church library or Christian School library.  OR request that the librarian order a copy. 

GIVE a copy to the children’s ministry director at your church, or local christian camp. Suggest that it would be a great resource for a small group study. OR send a link to the book page for them to learn more.

TAKE A VIDEO or PICTURE of yourself with the book, explain what you love about it, and post it to your social media channels. (If you do this, please send me a copy!)


I am in the process of setting up author visits at local Christian elementary schools. I will have more information coming soon, but if you are in Pennsylvania, within an hour of Lancaster, PA, and you are part of a Christian School or homeschool group, I would love to come and talk with your kiddos about the importance of putting on the armor of God. I’ve been working on a fun, interactive presentation that’s ideal for 3-6th grades… I’ve got a dragon statue, a large metal knight, several swords, and a suit of armor. If you would like me to come and present to your group, fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page.


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A New Devotional for Preteen Boys


Rise of the Enemy

Book One of the Dragon Slayer Bible Stories

Rise of the Enemy, a Dragon Slayer Bible Story, will inspire boys to join the armies of the Dragon Slayer in the epic battle of good vs evil.  Through action-packed stories, inspiring scripture, and challenging devotional readings, boys will be trained to stand firm against the invisible enemy, and to use weapons of warfare to deflect the lies of the Evil One.

“Be strong and courageous, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.”