Family Fruit Challenge – Meet our Guests!
Laurie Christine
Laurie Christine
June 15, 2021

Teach your kids about the Fruit of the Spirit — A Summer Family Fruit Challenge

Do you want to be intentional about raising kids who love God, show kindness to others, fill the room with joy and demonstrate self-control?

Join me this summer for a fun, family challenge focused on the Fruit of the Spirit.

I know summers can be a little crazy. It’s easy to get caught up in the activities and before you know it, back to school we go! 

Let’s take advantage of the extra time with our kids.  Join us as we learn about the fruits of the Spirit and learn to rely on God to produce His fruit in the lives of our kids!


I’m excited to tell you all about my Summer Family Fruit Challenge.  You can find more information at


* A short, weekly devotional about one of the fruits of the Spirit, contributed by 9 different guest writers (10 weeks total, including intro), delivered straight to your inbox!  (Keep reading to learn more about each of our guest writers!)

* Printable memory verse cards about the fruit of the week.

* Printable picture cards to display in your home that show a child demonstrating the fruit of the Spirit.

* Links to activities, songs, games, and crafts that will help your children learn about the fruit of the week.

* Ideas to help motivate your kids to put into practice what they’ve learned.

* Oh, and by the way, it’s totally FREE!


  • When you sign up for the challenge, you’ll receive a reminder email every Monday morning for 10 weeks. The email will include a link to the blog post for the week where you’ll find the devotional, printable verse cards and activities for that week’s fruit of the Spirit.
  • No matter when you sign up, you’ll always start with Week 1.

Week 1 Intro Lesson – The Fruit of the Spirit


You can listen to me read the devotional for Week 1 here:


I want to take a minute to thank all of the guest bloggers who are contributing to this project.  

Week 1 – Fruit of the Spirit – Laurie Christine – that’s me!  

Laurie Christine is an author, certified parenting coach, podcast host, wife, and mom of four wild, loud, adventurous boys. Her podcast, Redeeming the Chaos, invites moms of boys to join her in the wild, wonderful adventure of raising courageous boys and connecting them with Christ.

In addition to hosting a podcast, Laurie writes devotional Bible stories for families. As a mom of four young boys, she understands how important it is for parents to connect with their children, while communicating the truth of God’s Word to them in a way they can understand.

With degrees in Creative Writing, Biblical Studies and Education, Laurie has more than thirteen years of experience in teaching the Bible to young children as well as writing Sunday School curriculum for her local church. 

Week 2 – LOVE – D. Richard Ferguson

Richard Ferguson is an author, pastor and host of the Food For Your Soul podcast.  With experience as a former youth pastor, pastor, church planter, and counselor, he is passionate about teaching the word of God to both children and adults. Richard graduated from Moody Bible Institute and then went on to earn a Master of Sacred Literature degree as well as Doctorate of Religious studies.

Richard and his wife Tracy live in Colorado where they enjoy their six grandchildren and the wonders of God’s creation. You can find Richard at and you can find his newest book, Escape from Paradise, on Amazon.  (affiliate link)

Week 3 – JOY – Mari Hernandez Tuten

Mari is a certified life coach, speaker, Bible teacher, author and Mom to 3 boys.  She has been in ministry for more than 20 years sharing God’s truth and hope by mentoring, teaching, leading workshops, and speaking at conferences and retreats for women from all over the world. Mari is a graduate of Columbia International University with a Masters degree in Christian Education and Counseling.

Her heart’s desire is to help moms find hope in God’s truth and to encourage women to use the influence God has given them to impact this generation and make an eternal difference right where they are in life. You can find Mari at  You can find her most recent devotional book, Proverbs 31 in 5 Minutes a Day, on Amazon. (affiliate link)

Week 4 – PEACE – Laurie Christine – Me again! 

Week 5 – PATIENCE – Becca Wierwille

Becca Wierwille writes novels to remind kids they are wonderfully created to face the ordinary and extraordinary situations in life. Her short stories for children and devotions have been featured in numerous magazines and other publications, and she is a member of SCBWI, ACFW, and Word Weavers International.

Week 6 – KINDNESS – Bonni Greiner

Bonni is an author, blogger, inspirational speaker, a mom of 8 and a grandmother of 10.  She has spoken for Moms groups for over 20 years, and she is the author of several books including Recapturing the Joy of Motherhood, and There’s An Easier Way: 21 Ways to Lovingly Raise Your Children Without Regrets. Bonni is passionate about sharing her wealth of experiences and encouraging young moms on the journey of parenthood. You can find Bonni at her blog,

Kindergarten teacher by day and novelist by not-too-late-at-night, she wishes she could eat peach pie as often as most writers drink coffee. Despite her dreams of sandy beaches and mountain peaks, she loves living in Pennsylvania with her husband and their dog. You can visit her online at or follow her on social media @beccawierwille.

Week 7 – GOODNESS – Katie J. Trent

Katie J. Trent is an author, a speaker, a mom, and a leader in the Christian homeschool community outside Phoenix, Arizona.  Katie’s mission is to inspire women to grow their faith, strengthen their families, and simplify their homeschool journeys. In writing and speaking, Katie draws on a wealth of knowledge from over a decade of experience in counseling, ministry, and church planting. You can find Katie at

Katie also has a new book coming out called Dishing Up Devotions – 36 Faith-building activities for homeschool families, that also includes baking recipes. You can find her book on Amazon HERE.

Week 8 – FAITHFULNESS – Kelly Jo Wilson

Kelly Jo Wilson is a nurse, mom, and writer. When Kelly isn’t sipping cold coffee at her computer (aka writing), she’s pretending to be the mighty God of Thunder alongside her 7-year old Spiderman. Every time she looks at her family, she is overwhelmed with gratitude toward God. His grace, despite her mistakes, buckles her knees and reforms her heart toward whatever path He chooses. 

As a nurse, she’s been able to serve people in their most vulnerable moments. Connecting with people is her passion and a gift from God. He’s taken her writing journey to reach people in glorious ways while she simply tries to keep up. Visit Kelly at

Week 9 – GENTLENESS – Anna Schatz

Anna is a blogger, writer, speaker and mom. Anna enjoys convincing others of God’s extravagant love for them. She’s currently pursuing a Master of Theology degree through Dallas Theological Seminary, writing, and enjoying opportunities to speak. She lives in Hershey, Pennsylvania where she cares for her two children and serves in ministry with her pastor husband, Nik. You can find her at or on Instagram @annamschatz.

Week 10 – SELF CONTROL – Kara Ranck

Kara is a blogger and mom of two. Her blog, The Rock and a Hard Place, features testimonies of real people who have experienced how God (The Rock) has brought them through hard places in their lives. Kara herself has traveled some hard places in life and knows there is hope and power when we tell our personal stories about The Rock, who brings us through.

I hope you will join us for the Family Fruit Challenge this summer!  I’m excited to hear about how God produces His fruit in the lives of your kids! Just go to to sign up.