Conflict Resolution Strategies: How to help your son navigate challenging friendships with empathy (RTC 76)
Laurie Christine
Laurie Christine
September 29, 2023

Conflict resolution isn’t fun. But it’s part of growing up. Helping our sons learn how to handle conflict and show empathy is an invaluable skill they will use into adulthood.

Conflict Resolution Strategies: How to help your son navigate challenging friendships with empathy

Help! Someone is being mean to my son!

helping your son deal with conflict

Has your son ever come home and told you that someone was being mean to him on the playground? Or maybe someone was teasing him on the bus? Or he felt left out at a church event? 

When you find out someone has been mistreating your son (or any of your children for that matter), your natural reaction is to put on your boxing gloves and step into the ring. 

Helping our boys navigate relationships is tricky. As moms, we always want to believe and hope the best for our sons. We want to raise boys who are compassionate, kind, caring, and can stand up for what’s right. And we don’t understand when the rest of the world doesn’t appreciate our boys for the amazing kids we know them to be. 

We need God’s wisdom as we teach our boys to deal with conflict in healthy ways, to handle rejection by peers, and to navigate the complexity of friendships.

We have a special guest on today’s episode of Redeeming the Chaos.

Katie J. Trent is the bestselling author of Dishing up Devotions: 36 Faith-Building Activities for Homeschooling Families, and her new book, Recipes for a Sweet Child: Creative, Bible-based Activities to Help Your Family Thrive. She’s also the founder of Family Faith-Building Academy & Community, and a leader in the Christian homeschool community. Katie draws on a wealth of knowledge and experience from over a decade of counseling and ministry in order to build strong, faith-filled families.

What should I do when my son is being teased or bullied?

We’ve talked a lot on the show about the importance of building a strong relationship between parents and children, and how your relationship with your son becomes the foundation for all other discipline or discipleship. 

But I realized that we really haven’t talked much about how to help our boys navigate relationships with their peers. 

In my interview with Katie, we address the following topics:

  • How should I react when my son tells me he’s being teased or bullied.
  • How to determine when it’s time to get more involved.
  • How to empower our boys to deal with conflict
  • How to teach our boys to show empathy and kindness to others
  • How we as moms can show grace and empathy to other parents

A few takeaways about helping our sons deal with conflict:

  • Don’t jump to conclusions—always hear both sides of the story
  • Always believe the best of the other child or family involved
  • Give your sons tools to deal with conflict
  • Always show grace, mercy, and humility.

You can listen to the whole interview here:

Recipes for a Sweet Child

recipes for a sweet child by Katie J. Trent

Want to help your child navigate through difficult life situations? Katie J. Trent’s new book, Recipes for a Sweet Child: Creative, Bible-based Activities to Help Your Family Thrive is a virtual encyclopedia of any challenging situation you might face in parenting.

This book is a fun guide to character development for Christian families, with easy interactive activities, Bible lessons, and delicious dessert recipes.

  • Gain valuable insight into 36 of the most pressing emotional, behavioral, and relational battles kids face today.
  • Reach kids with easy, interactive activities and Bible lessons that turn difficult situations into teachable moments.
  • Build stronger and more meaningful relationships with your kids while making beautiful memories together.
  • Engage the whole family with fun activities, in-depth conversations, and delicious baking recipes to triumph over every tricky situation.

Here are just a few of the topics covered in Katie’s book:

Anger, sadness, fear, jealousy, anxiety, depression, perfectionism, tattling, unforgiveness, laziness, gossiping, lying, sibling rivalry, bullying, teasing, disobedience… just to name a few!

Katie’s Family Faith-Building Academy

Family Faith Building Academy with Katie J. Trent

Join an eight week digital discipleship course that gives you everything you need to effectively disciple your kids in fun, meaningful and memorable ways.

Learn More HERE

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