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Laurie Christine
Laurie Christine
January 22, 2017

Have you ever wondered what the “V” in LVR Portraits stands for?   My full name is Laurie (Christine) VanOrmer Ressler.  It’s not hyphenated, but when I got married I wanted to make sure I kept my maiden name as part of my “official” new name.  I wanted to be sure that “VanOrmer” remained a part of who I am today.

My Grandpa VanOrmer (my Dad’s Dad) went to heaven to be with Jesus last week.  He is one of the men in my life from whom I inherited the “V”.  I was his first grandchild – I was the one who made him a Grandpa.  I am honored to be part of his family – to be a VanOrmer.  He has left us a wonderful heritage of memories that we will cherish until the day we see him again in Heaven!

Below are a few photos of Grandpa and I taken many years ago, and some a bit more recent.   I am so thankful to have these memories!

  1. This is Grandpa and Grandma holding me as a newborn baby.  There was no such thing as “newborn photography” back then.  While I absolutely love being able to create beautiful artistic images as a newborn photographer, I am still so thankful to have these old, fading, off-color photographs of my grandparents holding me when I was a baby.


2.  Four Generations!  Anyone who has grown up in Lancaster County understands the value of the “Four Generations” photo.  This is me as a baby, along with my Dad – Stephen David VanOrmer, my Grandpa in the middle holding me – David Dale VanOrmer, and my Great Grandpa – Ivan VanOrmer.  


3.  As VanOrmers, we inherited many things from Grandpa, including a love for classical music. 


4.  As VanOrmers, we knew that Christmas was always going to be a big deal at Grandma & Grandpa’s house.


5.  Everyone knows that the VanOrmers are well known for their large noses!


6.  This was Grandpa’s old wooden clarinet that he passed on to me.  I played it for many years!


7.  My parents’ cabin was affectionately named in honor of the VanOrmer family…  “REMRONAV” is VanOrmer backwards!


8.  I have been incredibly privileged to have known and loved all FOUR of my grandparents well into my adult life.  Grandpa VO was the first to leave us to be with Jesus.  


9.  I remember praying before I was even married, that God would allow my Grandparents to live long enough to see their great-grandchildren.   Little did I know, God graciously allowed Grandpa to hold all FOUR of my baby boys!   This is Grandpa & Grandma with my first-born son.  Grandpa loved babies – he would always invite them to tug on his beard to make sure it was real!


10.  This is Grandpa & Grandma with my second son.


11.  This is Grandpa with my 3rd son.  Little chunker!


12.  This is Grandma & Grandpa with my 4th son.  


13.  I love these next two photos – Grandpa with my oldest son when he was about 2 years old.   Being a VanOrmer means you like figuring out how things work and how to fix them!  It’s a well-known adage in the VanOrmer family that you “DON’T” hire a professional to fix something you can do yourself.  Grandpa left us that legacy, which he passed on to my Dad, who in turn passed it on to my son!  Here’s Grandpa, teaching E how to fix an old wagon wheel.  


14.  One hand holding a hammer, one hand in Great-Grandpa’s.


15.  We love you Grandpa!  We will miss you!  Thank you for leaving a legacy of love, generosity and ingenuity.  Most of all we are thankful for the example you set for us of loving Jesus and making him the most important part of your life.  We can’t wait to see you again!  Thank you for passing along the “V” and the honor & heritage of everything that goes with it.  


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  1. Anonymous

    Wonderful article. Laurie I love your ability to put emotions into words. Such a nice tribute to grandpa VO , my dad.
    Laurie I am so proud of you, your dad🙂

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