When You’re Overwhelmed by Chaos with Allen Arnold — RTC 55
Laurie Christine
Laurie Christine
October 14, 2022

Are You Feeling Overwhelmed by Chaos?

We boy moms know that life with boys can feel chaotic and out of control. That’s why the name of this podcast is Redeeming the Chaos. But how can we overcome the chaos in our hearts, despite the chaos in the world around us?

That’s what we’re going to talk about in today’s episode of Redeeming the Chaos. 

I’m your host, Laurie Christine. I’m a mom of 4 boys, an author, a Bible teacher, and a certified Biblical Parenting Coach.

This is the podcast for moms who feel a bit frazzled and overwhelmed by the responsibility of raising boys. If you want your boys to grow up to be strong,  courageous young men who are fully committed to following Jesus, this show is for you. 

I would love for you to join me on this wild, wonderful, chaotic adventure of raising courageous boys and connecting their hearts to Christ.

Special Guest — Allen Arnold

We have a special guest on the show today who knows a lot about chaos. He even wrote a book called, Chaos Can’t. 

ALLEN ARNOLD is an author, speaker, and Executive Producer of Content for Wild at Heart—the ministry founded by New York Times bestselling author John Eldredge. His passion is awakening people’s hearts to actively pursue their dreams and creativity with God. He’s the author of three acclaimed books –The Story of With, Chaos Can’t, and Waves of Creativity

You can listen to my interview with Allen here:

Don’t Let Chaos Enter Your Heart

Here are a few of the topics Allen and I discussed in today’s episode. I think you will be encouraged as we discuss what to do when we feel overwhelmed by chaos in our lives.

  • What is chaos?  It’s not simply a messy house full of noisy boys. 
  • Chaos is a force that causes us to make fear-based decisions for our family rather than love-based decisions.
  • Chaos is a heart attitude towards our circumstances. When we let fear and overwhelm creep into our hearts, we create room for chaos.
  • Chaos can’t ultimately win unless we let it in.
  • Where did chaos originate?
  • Chaos is the main tool the enemy uses to steal, kill and destroy our lives.
  • Doubting God, and thinking that we know better than God, always leads to chaos.
  • Am I making decisions based on fear or love?
  • Why am I feeling overwhelmed?
  • Chaos says: “I’m not enough and God is not enough for me to be able to handle what God has given me right now.”
  • Control is always fear based.
  • Lies of the enemy: “This is too much,” or, “I’m not enough.”
  • When we operate out of love, we diminish the chaos.
  • We can’t ever out-chaos chaos.
  • Chaos often erupts in anger.
  • How can we as moms give our boys the space and freedom to be who God created them to be, without becoming overwhelmed by the seeming chaos in our homes? 
  • Don’t climb onto the roller coaster of your kids emotions.
  • Absence of chaos in your heart and home does NOT mean all the dishes will be clean and all the laundry put away.
  • Our heart doesn’t need relief – it needs restoration.

5 Practical Steps for Managing Chaos

1. Don’t let chaos surprise you. (John 16:33)

2. Reject the lie that you have no choice. Chaos does not have to invade my heart and my home. 

3. Guard your heart (Proverbs 4:23)

4. Fill your heart with what is good, so that you can be a source of life and not chaos to those around you. 

5. Allow what’s in your heart to flow out (Fruit of the Spirit).


Chaos Can’t (affiliate link)

Story of With (affiliate link)

Waves of Creativity (affiliate link)

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