How to Teach Your Kids About the Significance of Easter RTC 67
Laurie Christine
Laurie Christine
March 10, 2023

What is the significance of Easter and how can we teach our kids about it?

How to teach your kids about the significance of Easter

Are You Ready for Easter?

Did you ever think about the fact that we spend a whole month getting ready for Christmas, but Easter often seems to sneak up on us?  Well, not this year! Easter is April 9th this year and I have a special resource for you that will help you and your kids prepare your hearts for the celebration of our Risen Savior.

I was recently interviewed on the Connected Families podcast. The host, Stacy, and I talked about the importance of family devotions, and specifically the importance of helping our kids understand the significance of Easter!  It was such a fun conversation – Stacy and I are both quite passionate about teaching the Bible to kids and we had a great time making connections in the Easter narrative.

I am actually going to replay that interview for you here on Redeeming the Chaos.

Listen HERE:

You can find a link to the original interview HERE.

If you aren’t familiar with Connected Families, you need to go check them out. They have so many amazing resources for families, all from a biblical worldview.  You can learn more at

So before we get to the interview let’s chat about Easter…

How do you prepare your hearts for Easter?

How do you prepare your hearts for Easter?  Do you have any special family traditions? I know in my family, we often spend an entire month celebrating Christmas, but for Easter we would pull out a bag of plastic eggs a few days ahead of time. 

A few years ago, I wrote a family devotional for Easter to help my boys dig a little deeper into the events leading up to Jesus’ death and resurrection. It’s called, Come and See! 30 Family Bible Stories for Easter. 

A Family Bible Story for Easter

This book is geared mainly for kids ages 6-12, but older children and adults will enjoy it as well. And there are swords, soldiers, stinky feet and pigeon poop, so your boys will definitely enjoy it. 

how to teach your kids about the significance of Easter

Come and See!  invites families to experience firsthand the anticipation, the sorrow, the tragedy, the fear, and the ultimate triumph of Jesus’ death and resurrection.

Through the eyes of six eye witnesses, you will be led on a journey through the busyness of  the streets of Jerusalem, to the despair of Golgotha, and finally to the celebration of the empty grave.

Come and see Mary’s love poured out when she anoints Jesus in Bethany.

Come and see Judas’ cunning plan to betray Jesus.

Come and see Peter’s confused reaction when Jesus washes the disciples’ feet.

Come and see Nicodemus’ confliction when Jesus is sentenced to death.

Come and see John’s agony as he watches his best friend suffer and die.

Come and see Mary Magdalene’s jubilation when Jesus appears, alive once again!

This book includes 30 short devotional stories, each with accompanying Scripture references and questions for discussion and imagination. Use this book to help your kids understand the significance of Easter. Create deeper connections with your kids this Easter as you read and discuss what it would have been like to experience firsthand the events of the Holy Week. May you gain a deeper understanding of the love and life our Lord offers as you and your family prepare your hearts for the celebration of our Risen Savior! 


Reading Plan for Come and See

I also have reading plans available for Come and See. If you start reading chapter 1 on March 15th, 2023, you’ll finish with the story of the Resurrection on Easter Sunday and then you’ll finish up your reading a few days after Easter. 

But don’t worry, if you’re listening to this episode in the future, closer to Easter, I also have a condensed, 1-week version of the reading plan that will help you get through the stories a little faster.  The chapters are all fairly short and will take less than 10 minutes to read a chapter. So you’re welcome to double up on some of the chapters if you need to. 


Audiobook Version of Come and See

Something new for this year – I now have an audiobook version of Come and See!  (Scroll down to the Audiobook section). This is a great resource for you to listen to with your kids in the car.  

What’s the Significance of Easter?

In my interview with Stacy Bellward on the Connected Families Podcast, we talked about:

  • what the Bible says about discipling your children
  • how to overcome challenges you may encounter when you try to connect with God as a family
  • practical ways to make family devotions engaging for your kids
  • how to change your approach to family Bible times as your children get older
  • the significance of Easter and ways to share it with your children

I hope you have a wonderful time together as a family, as you prepare your hearts for the celebration of our risen Savior.


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