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Laurie Christine
Laurie Christine
December 3, 2021
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I was honored to be included in the Tips from the Experts video series published by the Raising Christian Kids podcast. The podcast is hosted by Lee Ann Mancini, author of the Sea Kids children’s books and producer of the Sea Kids TV series. 

This FREE VIDEO SERIES includes parenting tips from 22 influential Christian ministry leaders, including Ken Ham (Answers in Genesis, Creation Museum, Ark Encounter), Arlene Pellicane (author, podcaster, parenting expert), Edward Graham (Samaritans Purse), Dr. Scott Turansky (National Center for Biblical Parenting)…

AND… ME!  (Whaattt??)  

Each expert in the Tips from the Experts video series, shares vital and educational information that will equip and empower you to be the best spiritual leader for your child. My particular video is about the importance of family devotions. 

Some of the topics covered in the Tips from the Experts series include: screen time, apologetics, family devotions, homeschooling, prayer, worship, grandparenting, and many more!  

Go HERE to sign up for free access to these videos…over 5 hours of content!  

Raising Christian Kids Tips from the experts

For more free resources on how to raise courageous Christian kids, check out my Books and Resources page.

You can watch my video on Family Devotions here for free:


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