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Rise of the Enemy
Five Year Bible Plan
Bored with the Bible
Redeeming the chaos

A New Devotional for Preteen Boys

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Rise of the Enemy

Book One of the Dragon Slayer Bible Stories

Rise of the Enemy, a Dragon Slayer Bible Story, will inspire boys to join the armies of the Dragon Slayer in the epic battle of good vs evil.  Through action-packed stories, inspiring scripture, and challenging devotional readings, boys will be trained to stand firm against the invisible enemy, and to use weapons of warfare to deflect the lies of the Evil One.

In Rise of the Enemy, Michael never expected his comrade, Lucifer, to rebel against the King of Heaven, let alone turn into a dragon. But Lucifer will stop at nothing in an attempt to overpower the throne.

Can Michael and his army of angels defeat the enemy or will Lucifer’s evil plan succeed?

Teach Kids About Thankfulness & Contentment

Read THIS BLOG POST about teaching your kids to be content.

Read THIS BLOG POST for some fun ideas to teach your kids thankfulness.

Do you wish your kids would be more happy and satisfied? Do you wish they would stop whining and be content with what they have? Download The Gift of Gratitude Bundle for some printable activities to teach your kids about thankfulness and contentment. 

The gift of gratitude - how to teach your kids to be thankful and content

The Five Year Bible Plan

Do you want your son to grow up to know God and love his Word? Do you want to help your son start reading the Bible on his own, but you’re not sure where to start? 

The Five Year Bible Plan is a chronological Bible reading plan designed for teen boys. Your boys will read one chapter of the Bible each day, for five days a week. At this pace, he will read through the entire Bible in about 5 years.

The gift of gratitude - how to teach your kids to be thankful and content
Bored with the Bible

Are Your Kids Bored with the Bible? 

A practical resource to help make family devotions more engaging for your kids.

Family devotions are rough sometimes, aren’t they? Do you struggle to spend time in God’s Word together as a family? Is it difficult to engage your kids in family devotions? Are you tempted to just give up before you even begin?

In this short ebook, I will discuss the following questions:


  • What are family devotions and why are they important?
  • What does the Bible say about teaching the Word of God to our children?
  • What are some barriers to having family devotions?
  • What if I’ve failed?
  • How do I make devotion times fun and engaging for my kids?
  • How do I get started?
christmas advent calendar

Names of Jesus

25 Printable Advent Cards

Look forward to the celebration of our Savior’s birth with these printable advent cards, featuring 25 names of Jesus.

Use them with Asheritah Ciuciu’s Unwrapping the Names of Jesus advent devotional, or use them on their own!  (affiliate link)

Redeeming the chaos

A Podcast for Boy Moms!

Do you feel ill-equipped, or inadequate to raise godly men in our world today? 

Are you overwhelmed by the chaos that comes with a house full of boys? 

Do you want to raise strong, courageous young men who are fully committed to following Jesus? 

In all the chaos of raising boys, we recognize that Christ is the only who can redeem the chaos in our world, our homes, and even our own hearts.

I invite you to join me on the wild, wonderful, chaotic adventure of raising courageous boys and connecting their hearts to Christ.

Laurie Christine

Meet Laurie Christine

Laurie Christine is an author, podcast host, certified Biblical Parenting Coach, Bible teacher, wife, and mom of four wild, loud, adventurous boys.

Her podcast, Redeeming the Chaos, invites moms of boys to join her in the wild, wonderful adventure of raising courageous boys and connecting them with Christ.

In addition to hosting a podcast, Laurie writes devotional Bible stories for families. As a mom of four young boys, she understands how important it is for parents to connect with their children, while communicating the truth of God’s Word to them in a way they can understand.

With degrees in Creative Writing, Biblical Studies and Education, Laurie has more than fifteen years of experience in teaching the Bible to young children, as well as writing Sunday School curriculum for her local church.