Parenting Tool: Visioning

parenting tool - visioning

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It sounds like VISIONING might be the best heart-based parenting tool to use with your son right now.

You want to connect with your son’s heart, but you’re not sure how. The tool of visioning will help give your son perspective and allow you to connect with him on a deeper level.

Below you will find some practical tips on how to use visioning to help give your son some perspective.

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Heart-Based Parenting Tool:  Visioning

The tool of visioning will give your son perspective. It will help him focus on what could be, rather than only focusing on what is right now. It gives him a character goal to work toward together with you.

What does visioning look like?  

1). First have a meeting with your son. Make it positive. Tell him about strengths you see in him. 

“God has made you strong and determined. I love that about you. My prayer is that God will use those gifts for his glory.”

2). Next, talk about an area you’d like to work on with him. Choose one character quality to start with. Explain why it’s important to work on this quality.

“You know, I’ve noticed that sometimes you are so strong and determined to get your own way, that you don’t consider the feelings of others. I would like to work with you on developing the skill of empathy and selflessness in your life. This is an important quality because it will help you relate to others and it will help you be a good friend.”

3). Let him know you’re really excited to work on this new skill with him and you are confident that they will make progress in this area.

“I’m really excited to work with you in this area and I can’t wait to see the progress you’re going to make.”

 4). Whenever you see success in this area, affirm him, even if it’s minor progress!

“Wow, I noticed that you let your brother choose which TV show to watch this morning. That was showing kindness and putting others before yourself.” 

 5). Let him know how you see God working in his heart. Let him know you have confidence that God has a plan for their future.

“I know God is working in your heart and I am excited to see how he uses you in his plan.” 

 6). Affirm even minor improvements. Encourage “approximately” right behavior. Encourage small steps in the right direction. Don’t wait for perfection before you affirm him. Success breeds success. Allow him to see his success, even if it’s minor. This will give him hope that he can change.

“Last time you hit your brother when he took your toy, and this time you only screamed at him. That’s progress. Let’s keep working in this area. I’m really proud of you and I know you can do it.”

If you put these tips into practice on a regular basis, you will be surprised at the difference you’ll see in your son, after putting them into practice for a short time.

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