Jenna’s Miracle Baby
Laurie Christine
Laurie Christine
November 13, 2018

I am so excited to finally be able to share with you the story of Jenna’s miracle baby – Hunter Horace.  I was asked this past summer to document the exciting ending of a very long journey for Jenna and her husband.  A journey that led through breast cancer treatments, In- Vitro-Fertilization, an emergency C-section, a NICU stay, and finally, a healthy, thriving baby boy!  It was an honor for me to meet this family and celebrate Jenna’s miracle baby and Hunter’s homecoming!

Jenna's Miracle Baby by LVR Portraits, newborn photographer Lancaster PA

In 2014, at the very young age of 27, Jenna was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer, Stage II Invasive Ductal Carcinoma.  The cancer, she was told, had also reached her lymph nodes.  After undergoing years of chemotherapy, radiation treatments and hormone therapy, Jenna is currently doing great!  Although she still has years of therapy ahead of her, clear scans and blood work have given much reason to celebrate!  You can read more details about Jenna’s cancer journey in THIS ARTICLE featured in Alister & Paine Magazine.

Jenna's Miracle Baby by LVR Portraits, newborn photographer Lancaster PA

Because of the effects of the chemo and radiation treatments, starting a family naturally was not an option for Jenna and her husband Brian.  In fact, getting pregnant at all could potentially pose a serious risk to Jenna’s health.  So they decided to pursue the option of In-Vitro Fertilization.  A fertility company called WIN Fertility, matched them with Dr. Alan Copperman of RMA New York in Manhattan.  After many tests, weeks of blood-work, and a failed implantation, Jenna & Brian received the news that the most recent implantation had been a success!   Jenna’s miracle baby was on his way!  You can read more about Jenna’s journey of infertility and her amazing doctors and health providers in THIS ARTICLE featured in Alister & Paine Magazine.

Jenna's Miracle Baby by LVR Portraits, newborn photographer Lancaster PA

Jenna’s miracle baby, Hunter Horace Aitken, was born in July of 2018.  As if this family had not been through enough already, Jenna underwent an emergency C-Section and baby Hunter spent five days in the NICU before being released to come home!  But what a celebration it was when Jenna & Brian were finally able to walk through the door of their home, carrying their newly arrived miracle baby in their arms.  You can read more about Jenna’s birth story in THIS ARTICLE, published in Alister & Paine Magazine.  (This article features photos taken by LVR Portraits!)

Jenna's Miracle Baby by LVR Portraits, newborn photographer Lancaster PA

Having recently moved from Manhattan to Lancaster, PA, Jenna and her husband wanted to find a local newborn photographer to document the joyful celebration of Hunter’s homecoming.  I was honored when Jenna contacted me for the job!  Hunter was about three weeks old when Jenna contacted me, so we decided to do a “lifestyle” newborn session in their beautifully historic home in Lancaster City.  I loved having a chance to meet this courageous family and hearing a bit more about their miracle journey.  The love in this family was so evident as I watched them interact and love on baby Hunter.  I was thankful to play a very tiny roll in the celebration of Jenna’s miracle baby!  Enjoy the rest of the photos from their lifestyle newborn session!

If you are expecting a baby and would like to discuss details for your own newborn photography session, CONTACT ME HERE.  I am currently booking sessions for due dates in January through March of 2019.  Newborn sessions take place in my home-studio when baby is about one week old.  Lifestyle newborn sessions are best when baby is about 3 weeks old.  You can learn more about LVR Portraits and view sample galleries HERE.

Do you have a miracle baby of your own? Are you waiting and praying for your miracle baby?  I would love for you be part of our Facebook Group, “MIRACLE BABIES, MIRACLE STORIES.”  While EVERY baby is indeed a miracle, some babies have an extra bit of the miraculous surrounding their life story. Perhaps you have experienced infertility or pre-term infant loss. Maybe you went through a high-risk pregnancy where your own life or the baby’s was at risk. Perhaps you had an emergency situation during your delivery. Was your baby a premie or did he or she spend significant time in the NICU?  Maybe, as I did, you found out that your baby suffers from a rare congenital condition or possibly a genetic disorder. Would you be willing to share your story, so that others might be encouraged? We would love to hear from you!  Our Facebook group is a safe place for women to connect, share, and be encouraged on their journey to motherhood!


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