Grandma and Me – Lifestyle Photo Sessions
Laurie Christine
Laurie Christine
May 11, 2019


Grandma, you have a special relationship with your grandchildren that cannot be replaced by anyone else in the family!  That’s why these Limited Edition Lifestyle Photo Sessions are just for you!

grandparent lifestyle photo sessionsWhen mom says “I don’t think so,” Grandma says “Sure, why not!”.  When mom says “Maybe later,” Grandma says “Let’s do it now!”.  When mom says “Eat your broccoli”, Grandma says “Let’s have ice cream!”  Grandmas bring smiles & snuggles, tickles and treats, lollipops and laughter.  Grandmas make homemade play dough, build forts, and play Candy Land for hours.  Grandma, Grammy, Mimi, Nana, Oma…  you have the unique ability to reach places in the hearts of your grandchildren that we moms may never be able to reach.  We remember that you were once a Mom of little ones, and we are thankful for the years you have spent pouring yourselves into the lives of YOUR own children.  We are grateful that you are once again pouring out your lives and hearts to influence the lives of OUR children.

grandparent lifestyle photo sessions

Lifestyle photo sessions are not your typical “everyone look at the camera and smile” type of photoshoot.  A lifestyle session is specifically designed to capture authentic interactions and love between family members.  We will still get a few shots of everyone looking at the camera and smiling, but the majority of the images will be ones of you doing an activity together.  Maybe there is a special book that you love to read with your granddaughter.  Maybe your grandson love to do puzzles with you.  Do you love to bake, garden or make crafts?   I would love to capture these special memories for you that you and your grandchildren will cherish forever!  Another unique aspect of this type of photo session is that I will get individual shots of you with each individual grandchild.  (see details below) Your grandchild will cherish their time spent with you, knowing that they are loved and valued for who they are as a unique member of your family.

(NOTE:  This is NOT a three-generation photo for grandparents and all your adult children and their families… this is an intimate photo session especially designed for you and your individual grandchildren).

grandparent lifestyle photo sessions

Now through the end of August 2019, I will be booking Grandma & Me lifestyle photo sessions, just for Grandmas and their grandchildren!  Contact me today to make sure you reserve your spot!  (See instructions below on how to book your session today!)


* 1-2 hours of session time, either at your home or another agreed upon location. (If your home does not have a lot of natural light, we may want to choose an outdoor location.)

* 20-30 professionally edited digital images in an online gallery with rights to print. * Individual images of each grandchild doing an activity with Grandma, as well as images of each sibling group with Grandma.

* An heirloom album of all the images from your session.  Additional albums & print products are available for purchase at additional cost.

* One family unit per photo session – in other words, one Grandparent with one sibling group (up to 4 children).  If you have more than four children in a sibling group, there will be an additional charge per child.

* If you have multiple sibling groups (cousins), you will need to schedule a separate session for each family unit.  (For example, Nancy has 2 adult children. Her son has three children, and her daughter has 2 children.  Nancy would need to schedule two separate sessions for each of the sibling groups – one for her son’s children and one for her daughter’s children).

** INVESTMENT: $600 (+6% PA Sales Tax)**

(+$50 per additional child)

grandparent lifestyle photo sessions


  1. Click HERE to contact me and book your Grandma & Me Lifestyle Photo Sessions.  Fill out the contact form and choose “Grandma & Me” under “type of session”.    I will call you to discuss the details of your photo session
  2. We will choose a date and location for your photo session(s) to take place.  I can discuss with you whether your home or a different location would be best suited for your photo session.  You will need to book separate sessions for each family unit.
  3. I will send you an invoice that can be paid online via credit card, as well as a contract to sign.
  4. I will help you choose a special activity that you would like to do with your grandchildren.  Some ideas might be playing a game, doing a puzzle, reading a book, baking cookies, taking a walk, or working in the garden.  (Choose one or two activities).
  5. Your photo session(s) will take place sometime before the end of August, 2019.
  6. You will receive 20-30 professionally edited digital images from your session (via an online gallery) with rights to print.
  7. You will receive an heirloom album that contains all the images from your session. Additional print products are available for purchase.

grandparent lifestyle photo sessions


If you tell another Grandma friend about Grandma & Me lifestyle photo sessions, and your friend also books a session with me, you will EACH receive $50 off your session fee!



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