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Laurie Christine
Laurie Christine
December 4, 2017

I am so excited to tell you all about one of the heirloom print products I offer – Storybook Memory Albums: Custom Baby Books by LVR Portraits.


As a mother and photographer, I put a high value on documenting my children’s lives.  My kids love to pull their baby books off the shelf and see pictures of themselves when they were infants.  My five-year-old is especially fond of his baby book.  “This is my book, Mommy!”  These are his pictures and his memories.  This is his story.  As a middle child, I think it gives him a sense of importance and belonging in our family. It lets him know that he is unique and loved!

Custom-Baby-Books-Newborn-Photographer-LVR-Portraits Custom-Baby-Books-Newborn-Photographer-LVR-Portraits

Like many moms I meet, I sometimes struggle with “mommy guilt.”  My intentions and my reality don’t always line up.  I take a lot of pictures of my kids, but I often do not have time to get them printed.  I feel guilty about not having time to journal about their lives or to write in their baby books.  Sometimes I find myself wishing someone else could just keep track of all that for me!


Can you relate?  Wouldn’t it be nice if someone could do more than just take beautiful pictures of your baby, but actually design a custom album for you, complete with personalized quotes and memories of your precious baby?  At LVR Portraits, I will do just that. No more guilt… just more time to snuggle with your new bundle – and maybe even get some extra sleep!


Not only will I take beautiful fine-art portraits of your precious new baby, but I will put those portraits into a custom baby album just for you.  Your Storybook Memory Album is not just a collection of photos.  It is a personalized heirloom for you to pass on to your children and grandchildren.  In addition to the images from your photography session, your album will include personalized quotes, journal entries, a custom color scheme, baby’s ultrasound images, baby’s first footprints, a family tree, and other personalized memorabilia.


It is my hope that in four years, ten years or thirty years, you’ll be able to snuggle up with your baby on the couch, open his or her Storybook Memory Album and tell your child:  This is you, sweetheart.  This is your family.  These are your footprints.  This is your STORY.  You belong here, and you are dearly loved.

To view sample pages from one of my Storybook Memory Albums: Custom Baby Books, click through the images below!


My custom baby books are printed at my professional print lab using archival quality materials.  Sturdy, durable lay-flat pages will display your images in an heirloom quality binding.  Many clients choose to visit my studio before their photo session in order to view and handle sample print products.  I’d love to set up an appointment to meet you as well!

For more information about newborn sessions with LVR Portraits, please contact me at or call 717-344-9577.  If you would like to view sample newborn galleries, click HERE.  I would love to connect with you and create a beautiful Storybook Memory Album for your little one!


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