The Night the Angels Got Lost

A 3-part devotional story for families

The Night the Angels Got Lost, Laurie Christine


The Night the Angels Got Lost, Laurie Christine

The Night the Angels Got Lost


The Night the Angels Got Lost retells a familiar story through the first-hand experience of a young shepherdess. Connect with your kids on a deeper level this Christmas as you join young Abigail on the hills outside of Bethlehem. Enjoy a cup of cocoa and snuggle by the fireplace, using this resource to inspire imagination and encourage thoughtful discussion as a family. Open your children’s eyes this Christmas to the possibility of a personal encounter with the One the angels heralded: the waited-for, hoped-for Promised Child.

Each year at Christmas, your children have grown, and they’re ready to establish a deeper, more personal understanding of the message of the Promised Child. But even the most beautiful and familiar picture books often focus on facts, leaving Christian parents with a gap to fill. What will engage the bright and curious minds of elementary-aged children to interact with the coming of the King in a personal way? How can you guide your children to move beyond recitation of a familiar story and into a thoughtful consideration of its meaning in their lives?

The Night the Angels Got Lost is a captivating, three-part family Christmas devotional for kids ages 6-10. Capture your children’s attention and connect with their hearts as together you celebrate the arrival of the Promised Child!

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