How to Teach Kids About Love and Kindness – An Interview with Author, Shelleen Weaver
Laurie Christine
Laurie Christine
October 20, 2020


Are you looking for a fun, creative way to teach kids about love and kindness?

I have a special guest on the podcast today.  You’re not going to want to miss it… 


Our guest today is a poet, former Miss Teen of Pennsylvania, a singer/songwriter/recording artist, a speaker, wife, and mom. She’s the author of Love Bird, the first of the Fruit Fables series, which grew out of the bed-time stories and original lullabies she told and sang to her children when they were young. She lives with her husband and three children in gorgeous Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.


In this episode, Shelleen Weaver tells us about her new children’s story book Love Bird, the first in her series “Fruit Fables” —  9 books about the Fruits of the Spirit.  Love Bird is an adorable story about a squirrel family who meets their new mockingbird neighbor.  Much to their disappointment, the new neighbor only “mocks” them and offends everyone in the yard.  Soon, the backyard neighborhood animals have to hold a meeting to decide what to do about this new nuisance in the neighborhood.  They decide to speak only words of love and kindness to their new neighbor.  And because he is a “mockingbird,” he soon begins to imitate their kind words back to them. 

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This book is a great way to teach kids about love and kindness.  It introduces children to the concept of showing kindness to others who may be difficult to love. Children will learn that love is a choice we make, not just a fuzzy feeling.  A section in the back called “Let’s chew on it” guides parents to dig a little deeper and encourage their kids to apply biblical truths to their own lives.  

As a mother of two grown daughters and one young son, Shelleen shares about how she has created a Christ-centered culture in her own home. Shelleen and I discuss the importance of filling our children’s minds with scripture and how God promises that his word will never return empty.  God will accomplish what he has set out to do in the lives of our children. 


In this episode, we also discuss the importance of teaching our kids to worship Jesus with their lives. Our goal as parents is not simply to modify our children’s behavior and create perfectly obedient kids.  Our goal is for our kids to worship and glorify God. And when we focus on that, then I think everything else just falls into place. When we make the outward behavior the primary goal, then we might get obedient little kids, but their heart is not going to be in it. They’re not going to be excited about the Lord. But when we make worship the priority, then He is the one who’s going to change their hearts. We are just tools in his hands to be used by him.  But ultimately, God is the one who is going to work in their lives and change their hearts.

Check out Shelleen Weaver’s book Love Bird on Amazon HERE. (affiliate link) 

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You can listen to Shelleen read her book to you, as well as hear the song she wrote to accompany the story, HERE.  

You can listen to the entire conversation with Shelleen here:


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