Parenting Tool: Firmness

parenting tool - firmness

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It sounds like FIRMNESS might be the best heart-based parenting tool to use with your son right now.

You want to connect with your son’s heart, but you’re not sure how. Using firmness will help to build character in your son and allow you to connect with him on a deeper level.

Below you will find some practical tips on how to use firmness to help develop your son’s character.

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Heart-Based Parenting Tool:  Firmness

Firmness builds character in our sons. It’s drawing a line in the sand and saying “we’re not going past this line.” The goal of firmness is to train our children. We don’t want to move to consequences too quickly.

Firmness helps our child develop a sense of obligation — “I need to” must overcome “I want to.”

Firmness is not the same as harshness. Firmness builds character. Harshness, on the other hand, pours emotional intensity on the situation, involves anger and ultimately damages relationships.

Practical Tips for Using Firmness

Here are some practical ways to use firmness with your son: 

  • Teach your son to follow instructions. 
  • Practice “coming when called.” 
  • Give clear instructions — “You need to… right now.”
  • Expect a response — Affirm that they heard you.
  • Move closer — don’t shout from across the house.
  • Make eye contact when giving instructions.
  • Ask them to report back to you once they’ve completed the task. Then go and inspect their work.
  • Practice do-overs:  “Go back and try that again.”
  • Don’t allow kids to manipulate the discussion by arguing or complaining. Tell your son you will not discuss the situation until he stops nagging or whining. 
  • Don’t interact with a child who is yelling or throwing a fit. Tell him you can discuss the problem after he has calmed down.
  • Don’t get sucked into his emotions. Remain calm, even if he is out of control. Don’t let his emotions dicatte your emotions.
  • Consequences are part of firmness.  In a behavior modification approach to parenting, consequences are always “if you do this, then you’ll get this punishment or  reward.” The goal is justice. In heart-based parenting, consequences are forward-looking — the child must accomplish something before earning a privilege back.

For example:  “I want to give you the ipad back, but you must first show me that you are working on being kind to your brother and improving in this area.”

  • Teaching our kids to live within their limitations and accept “no” as an answer is another part of firmness. Don’t be afraid if your son pushes back and tries to manipulate you. Don’t be afraid of his negative emotions.

Stay tuned for an upcoming episode of Redeeming the Chaos where I interview Dr. Scott Turansky, founder and CEO of the National Center for Biblical Parenting, and we discuss the topic of contentment, living within limitations, accepting “no” as an answer.

Expect resistance!  When you start setting boundaries for your kids and saying “no” more often, your kids will push back. Remember, firmness is not harshness.

We are firm with our kids because we love them, and we know what’s best for them, just as God is firm with us. Don’t get caught up in your own emotions when your child resists correction or a change in routine.

Some of these tips may sound simplistic, but you will be surprised at the difference you’ll see in your son, after putting them into practice for a short time.

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