Lancaster PA Newborn Photographer | Baby Helder
Laurie Christine
Laurie Christine
October 7, 2017

As a Lancaster PA Newborn Photographer, I have the privilege of working with so many great families.  Baby Helder’s family did not disappoint!  I really enjoyed getting to know them throughout all of our interactions together.  Helder is baby#2 in this family and much adored by big sister!  I was really glad we were able to get a few shots of them together!

Many of my newborn clients have older siblings who are still just “babies” themselves!  It can sometimes be challenging to get an 18 month old or 2 year old to cooperate for pictures.  But I’ve got lots of tricks up my sleeve!  For sibling shots, I start out by wrapping baby tightly in a swaddle.  This keeps baby safe and snuggly.  I typically do not have an older “toddler” sibling hold the baby, as they can be very unpredictable at this age.  I normally will have the toddler lay down on their back, looking up at me.  I will then gently place baby right next to them on my fluffy flokati rug and snap away! (see sibling shots below).  Of course, I can never guarantee that we will get a particular shot, but we will certainly do our very best to get the images you want for your family!

One of the things that sets LVR Portraits apart as a Lancaster PA Newborn Photographer, is the relationship I develop with each of my clients.  Our interactions typically begin with an email inquiry, followed up by a phone conversation.  Many clients choose to come into my studio to meet with me and view the print products that I have to offer.  We spend a nice relaxing afternoon together in my studio for the Newborn Session.  Then, about 3 weeks later, we meet together for a Reveal Session and ordering appointment where my clients get to view their images for the first time!  It’s so much fun to sit down with a family and view their gallery of images together.

My goal for the Reveal Session is to help my clients through the process of choosing which images they would like to include in their package, and what types of artwork will look best in their home.  Baby Helder’s family chose a package that included a large canvas to hang in their dining room, a canvas collage for the nursery (see below) as well as birth announcements ** and digital images.  As a Lancaster PA Newborn Photographer, I would be doing you, my client, a disservice by handing you a USB drive with your images and wishing you on your way.  When we finish our time together, I want to make sure you have a tangible piece of artwork in your hands that you can display in your home and enjoy with your children for many years to come!        ** Click HERE to view a gallery of sample Birth Announcement templates

Birth announcement, Lancaster pa newborn photographer

Birth Announcement – My birth announcements are printed on double-sided 5×7 linen textured card-stock

Lancaster Pa newborn photographer, photo collage

My 16×20 photo collage is a great option for baby’s nursery!

Lancaster-PA-Newborn-Photographer-baby boy on blue backgroundLancaster-PA-Newborn-Photographer-baby boy piggy toes wrapLancaster-PA-Newborn-Photographer, LVR Portraits, baby boy pucker lips, Lancaster-PA-Newborn-Photographer, LVR Portraits, baby boy in wood bowlLancaster-PA-Newborn-Photographer, LVR Portraits, baby boy in wood bed, Lancaster-PA-Newborn-Photographer, LVR Portraits, baby boy in blue wrap, Lancaster-PA-Newborn-Photographer, LVR Portraits, baby boy in bucketLancaster-PA-Newborn-Photographer, LVR Portraits, baby boy smilingLancaster-PA-Newborn-Photographer, LVR Portraits, baby boy close-upLancaster-PA-Newborn-Photographer, LVR Portraits, baby boy white wrapLancaster-PA-Newborn-Photographer, LVR Portraits, baby boy yawningLancaster-PA-Newborn-Photographer, LVR Portraits, baby boy sibling shot, Lancaster-PA-Newborn-Photographer, LVR Portraits, family with newbornLancaster-PA-Newborn-Photographer, LVR Portraits, family with newbornLancaster-PA-Newborn-Photographer, LVR Portraits, mom and newborn boy Lancaster-PA-Newborn-Photographer, LVR Portraits, dad and newborn boyLancaster-PA-Newborn-Photographer, LVR Portraits, dad's hands on black background


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