Henry’s Newborn Photo Session
Laurie Christine
Laurie Christine
October 11, 2018

Henry’s newborn photo session was so much fun!  He made some of the sweetest, silliest faces!  One of my favorite parts of my newborn session is when I allow babies to wake up and stretch and “be themselves.”  I love capturing the sweet little yawns and smirks and scrunchy faces!

I’m a little behind on my blog posts… Henry’s newborn photo session was over a year ago!  So, Happy Birthday little man!  I’m sure your mommy and daddy love seeing how much you’ve grown!




My goal in taking beautiful pictures of your new baby is to help you remember all of their yesterdays in order to love them more fully today!  If you are looking at these pictures of Henry’s newborn photo session, I hope that it will help you to remember how quickly your own babies are growing and changing.  Have you hugged and kissed your little ones today?  Have you told them how much you love them?  Have you taken the time to just look at them and appreciate who they are today and who they are becoming?

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