Alba’s Lifestyle Newborn Session
Laurie Christine
Laurie Christine
January 29, 2019

Alba’s Lifestyle Newborn Session was so much fun!   I loved being able to photograph her with mom & dad in their very own home.  Mom did a great job decorating Alba’s nursery!  Click on an image below to view a larger version, then click the arrows to scroll through the gallery.

Lifestyle newborn sessions take place in your own home.  We will use the natural background of your own space to create beautiful images of you and your family.  For these sessions, I am able to capture lots of authentic interactions between you and your new baby.  Lifestyle sessions take place when baby is about 3-4 weeks old.  This is a great option for you if you love the decor and style of your home and you want images of your family in their “natural” setting.   CONTACT ME TODAY to learn more about scheduling a lifestyle newborn session for your family!

[pp_gallery id=”3619″ style-id=”af5185a1-dc34-448b-98a0-44eae33254f9″]When you invest in newborn portraits for your new baby and family, you are making an investment in your family’s story.  You are creating an atmosphere in your home that communicates to your children that they are loved and valued.  Seeing pictures of themselves hanging on the walls of your home will help your children to know that this is where they belong.  They are part of something bigger than themselves – part of a family that loves them.


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